Social Organisations met the Chief Minister and submitted a Memorandum on Law and Order Issue!

Today (13.9.2013) Ira. Azhagiri (Thamizhar Desiya Iyyakkam), G. Sugumaran (Federation for People’s Rights), G.A. Jagannathan (People’s Livelihood Movement), Vera Mohan (Thanthai Periyar DK), M.Deva (Naam Thamizhar Party), A.Pavadairayan (Puratchiyalar Ambedkar Thondar Padai), G.Pragash (Thamizhar Kalam), Thiruvenkadam (Mudaliarpet Trader’s Association) and others met the Chief Minister N. Rangasamy, Chief Secretary Chetan B Sanghi and submitted a Memorandum. Since, the IGP was not in the office,  the Memorandum was handed over to the IGP Secretary.


On behalf of Political Parties and Social Organisations of Puducherry, we are submitting this memorandum for your kind perusal and necessary action. We put forth some of our demands scrutinised after a detailed consultation in the meeting held on 10.09.2013, attended by various Political Parties and Social Organisation’s leaders.

We are very much worried about the deterioration of Law and Order situation in Puducherry. The rowdies are continuing their illegal activities by threatening the business community people and extorting money. The rowdies in Prisons of Puducherry are threatening and extorting money by using cell phones illegally. Instead of taking severe action, the Police are mute spectators and it creates panic among the people.

In recent days, we witness that the Police seized hundreds of cell phones from the Prisons of Puducherry. We request to disclose the details of persons whom were called by the rowdies from Prisons and also criminal action should be initiated against them. We further demand to order for a CBI enquiry in this regard.

We urge to constitute a Special Court to speed up the trial of the cases of land and house grabbing, extortion of money by rowdies, operation of rowdies from Prisons, etc. We also demand for a CBI enquiry in this regard.

We plea to disclose the assets of serving and retired Police officers who were in close nexus with the rowdies in Prisons and accumulated enormous wealth beyond their earnings. The relationship between the rowdies in Prisons and Police should be probed and stringent action should be taken on the errant police personals. We appeal to order for a CBI enquiry in this regard.

The District Collector of Puducherry has announced the activation of the “Anti Land Grabbing Cell” which was inactive for long period. We expect that the said cell should function without any bias and a Special Court should be constituted to conduct the trial of the cases filed by Police following the findings of the said cell.

We demand to convene the tri-party meeting of Police, Jail and Judicial officers every month to review and suggest suitable action on Law and Order situation. We also request to constitute an Enquiry Commission headed by a retired High Court Judge to study in depth and recommend to the Govt. suggesting the action on present Law and Order problem.

In the public interest, we are submitting these demands for your kind consideration and appropriate action to restore the derailed Law and Order situation in Puducherry region.

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