Release Human Rights activists arrested by Sri Lankan Army

Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Secretary, G. Sugumaran issued a Press Statement today (22.01.2011) in Puducherry:

Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry, condemns the arrest of the grand daughter of Tamil Scholar Perunchithiranar and Chennai High Court advocate Kayalvizhi and her assistant by Sri Lankan army, who were went to Sri Lanka by obtaining proper visa to study the status of Tamils in camps there.

After the war between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government came to an end, the Tamils are suffering in the barbed wire camps in Sri Lanka.  This attitude of the Sri Lankan government was widely condemned by the people who have concern in humanism. The U.N. has also intervened in this issue and instructed the Sri Lankan government to ensure the safe life of Tamils.

In this context, Kayalvizhi and her assistant Thirumalai from Chennai went to Sri Lanka after obtaining proper visa to study the present status of the Tamils in camps in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan army arrested both of them while they were in Omandai and they were kept in undisclosed place.

If so many people around the world visit Sri Lanka to study the situation there, the arrest of these activists is highly condemnable. We urge the Indian government to intervene and speak to the Sri Lankan government for the safe release and return of activists to India.

Kayalvizhi, is the grand daughter of Tamil Scholar Perunchithiranar and daughter of Tamil Scholar Iraikuruvanar. She is a practicing advocate in Chennai High Court and works for Human Rights.

In this regard, today, we sent telegrams to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and External Minister S. M. Krishna for immediate action in this regard.

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