News: Urge to upload FIRs on police website within 24 hrs

Puducherry, Dec 15 : The Federation for People’s Rights here today urged the administration to observe the recent Delhi High Court judgement and upload on police website all the FIRs filed within 24 hours of lodging of the FIR from February 1, 2011 onwards.

Federation Secretary G Sugumaran, in a memorandum submitted to the Chief Secretary, Law Secretary and Director General of Police of the administration, said as per the judgement of Delhi High Court Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Manmohan, an accused is entitled to get a copy of the First Information Report (FIR) at an earlier stage than as prescribed under Section 207 of the CrPC.

The judgement also observed that an accused who has reasons to suspect that he has been roped in a criminal case and his name is an FIR can submit an application through his representative/agent for grant of a certified copy before the concerned police officer or to the Superintendent of Police on payment of such fee which is payable for obtaining such a copy from the court. On such application being made, the copy shall be supplied within 24 hours.

It also says that the copies of the FIR, unless reasons recorded to the nature of the offence that the same is sensitive in nature, should be uploaded on the Delhi Police website within 24 hours of lodging of the FIR so that the accused or any person connected with the same can download the FIR and file appropriate application before the court as per law for redressal of his grievances.

Citing the judgement, the federation urged the authority to take necessary steps to implement the court directions in Puducherry also and circulate the copy of the judgment to the offices and all police stations, to uphold the rights of the accused, ultimately the human rights.

UNI / 15.12.2010

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