Representation to Government seeking action on college administration in the medical student suicide case!

The Memorandum sent today (08.02.2014) on behalf of ‘Federation for People’s Rights (FPR)’ to Lt. Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and Director General of Police (DGP):

On behalf of Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), we are submitting this memorandum for your kind consideration and necessary action.

On 14th November 2013, one Lakshmi Anusiya (aged 24), a girl Student and House Surgeon of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College situated at Kirumampakkam, Puducherry committed suicide by hanging herself in the hostel room in a mysterious situation. The incident came to light on 17th November 2013, when the body was decomposed and emitted bad smell. The Kirumampakkam Police registered the referred FIR and investigated the case. In the due course of investigation, the Police altered the FIR and invoked Section 306 of IPC and arrested one PG Medical Student Dr. Pinnamenileela Prashant (aged 27) studying in the same college. The said Prashant developed love with the deceased girl and abandoned her after sometime and refused to marry her and this led to the end of the frustrated young girl student’s life.

The Police took the action after two months and anyway it is appreciable. In this context we would like to draw your kind attention on the following points.

The said incident occurred in the hostel room on 14th November and the incident came to light on 17th after three days. We heard that in the post-mortem report, which is crucial evidence in this case, the Forensic Science Experts stated that the incident occurred 72 hours before the autopsy. We wonder that the college administration is so lethargic in monitoring the hostel rooms and the welfare of the students staying in the hostel. This explicit gross negligence in the part of the college administration led to the loss of a young girl student’s life and the college administration is wholly responsible for this miserable incident.

We also learnt that the Investigating Officer (IO) of this case attached to the Kirumamapakkam Police Station mooted out a file to the Law Department seeking opinion whether to take any criminal action on the college administration side and inturn the Law Department opined negatively. We point out here that an IO in any case is legally empowered to take criminal action on anybody if he or she has clear cut evidence in the due course of investigation. It is unnecessary to get opinion from the Law Department and we also want clarification that any specific Law or Rule exists insisting the Police to get opinion from the Law Department before fixing and charging the accused.

So, we in public interest request your good self to explore suitable provision of Law and take criminal action against the college administration for their irresponsible attitude and mismanagement which attracts the penal action and render Justice to the victim’s family.

G. SUGUMARAN, Secretary.

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