News: Candlelight protests gloom

Respects paid to fisherman who died in police firing near Tuticorin

Anti-Kudankulam protestors in Puducherry on Thursday gathered at the Anna Thidal, near the Odeansalai police station, to hold a candle light vigil to protest the death of the fisherman in Kudankulam due to police firing. Over 50 people collected to light their candles and pay their respects to G. Anthony John, a fisherman from Manapad, who lost his life in the recent police firing incident in Tuticorin. The vigil was organised by the Federation for People’s Rights and various civil-society groups and political parties participated.

Earlier in the day, 97 students, including 25 women of the Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College, were arrested and later released for protest against the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant.

The Hindu / 14.09.2012

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