Take action against the Officer protecting the Professor who degraded Tamil and National Leaders

Federation for People’s Rights (FPR) organized a Political Parties and Social Organisations Meeting Today (2nd October, 2011) at 10 am at Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was presided by the Federation Secretary G. Sugumaran.  Ira. Azhagiri, President, Tamil Nationalist Movement, G.C. Chandran President Singaravelar Munnetra Kazhagam, G.A. Jagannathan, Former President, Karikalampakkam Village Panchayat, Ka. Thamizhamallan, President, Thani Thamizh Iyakkam, C. Murthy, President, Puratchiyalar Ambedkar Makkal Padai, U. Muthu, General secretary, All India Forward Bloc, M.A. Asraf, District President, Kamal Basha, District Treasurer, Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK), R. Abimannan, President, People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), K. Rammurthy, President, Sembadugai Naneeragam, P.Parankusam,  President, Ilakkiya Pozhil Ilakkiya Mandram, Seenu. Thamizhmani, President, Poovulagin Nanbargal, C.M. Putatchivendan, President, Makkal Janasakthi Iyakkam, Puduvai Thamizhnenjan, Puduvai Thamizh Ezuththalar Kazhagam, S. Chinappa, President, Athiappa Chemical Pvt Ltd Employees Union, Sathu. Arimavalavan, ATLAS and others attended the meeting.

The following resolutions were adopted in the meeting:

1. P.V. Bose, Asst. Professor of Music Department in Bharthiar Palkalai Koodam (BPK) said in a meeting held at the room of the Head of the Department that “it is a waste of time to sing the songs of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and those who are singing such songs before the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Mahakavi Bharathiar, Pavendar Bharathidasan at the government functions are beggars. The Thamizh Thai Vazhthu song written by Bharathidasan is not a valuable song to sing in any government functions.” And also he told the students not to sing the songs of these leaders. He will not teach in Tamil in classes and also used to utter words degrading the Tamil language.

In this regard, the students of BPK conducted struggle and submitted memorandum to various government higher officials. Based on this complaint a Departmental Enquiry was instituted against P.V. Bose and he was placed under suspension. 8 persons including Lecturers of BPK and noted Tamil Scholar Mannar Mannan deposed before the Enquiry Officer, the then Art and Culture Special Secretary Kannaji. On 07.02.2010, based on this enquiry, Kannaji issued a warning memo stating ”P.V. Bose conduct showing disrespect towards the Father of Nation and Mahakavi Bharathiar has been found objectionable by the Hon’ble Minister (Art and Culture)-cum-Chairman (BPK). He is warned that he should improve his attitude to the National Leaders.  If he continues his objectionable attitude to the National Leaders, he may lose his job.” But, Mathew Samuel, who assumed as the Special Secretary of Department of Art and Culture has cancelled the warning memo issued to P.V. Bose on 06.05.2011 instead of taking stringent action.

We strongly condemn the attitude of Mathew Samuel by excising his official power illegally supporting and saving a guilty person who degraded the National Leaders and Tamil Language. We also demand the Puducherry government to order for an enquiry in this regard under the head of Chief Secretary and sack the guilty person P.V. Bose from service. Also take action against Mathew Samuel who covered the incident of degrading the national Leaders who fought for freedom.

2. L. Annapurna, Asst. Professor of Music Department in BPK was getting salary without any work. For past two years not even a single student joined in her Veena class. The BPK which is facing financial crisis has giving thousands of rupees as salary for her and it is an utter waste of public money. As per general decision taken in the Governing Body of BPK if necessary to transfer the Teaching Staff to Bal Bhavan, we urge the government to transfer L. Annapurna from BPK to Bal Bhavan.

3. The Member Secretary of BPK Kuppusamy is creating unnecessary problems to the staffs to extract money as bribe and in this regard the staffs are complained to the authorities seeking action against him. After this he never changed his attitude and continuing his bribing practice on his own way. It is notable that while he was working in Housing Board, he indulged in lot of mismanagement and corruption and was booked and arrested by C.B.I. and now he was facing a trial in Puducherry Court.  In this context we press the Puducherry government to order for a Departmental Enquiry and immediately place him under suspension.

4. Pressing the said demands, we are organizing a Demonstration on 10.10.2011 at 10 pm near the Chief Secretary Office and the various Political Parties and Social Organisation Leaders will participate in the demo.

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