Scrap Regional Reservation in Higher Education in Puducherry – FPR.

On behalf of Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry, a consultation meeting was held at Chambre de Commerce, on 22.08.2010 at 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. The meeting was presided by its Secretary G. Sugumaran and about 50 volunteer in and around Puducherry were attended. The following resolutions were passed unanimously:

1)     We urge the Puducherry government to take steps to scrap the regional reservation in higher education in Puducherry, which is contravene to the Constitution of India and the Judgment delivered by the 11 Judges of Constitutional Bench in Indra Sawhney case. Otherwise, we will organize the people and students and fight against it.

2)    We urge the Puducherry government to get the approval of Medical Council of India for the Puducherry Government Medical College and start the courses in the current academic year itself to protect the interest of the students of Puducherry.

3)    We appreciate the Puducherry government for announcing the separate reservation for Muslims and Fishermen community providing 2 percent reservation in education and employment and also we press the government to issue the G.O. at the earliest enabling them to enjoy the reservation in the present academic year itself.

4)    The Home Ministry of India has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India to recall the whole judgment allowing the private port project in Puducherry. In this context we urge the Puducherry government to cancel the agreement entered with private port developer. The MHA has published the Special Audit Report on Puducherry port project in website, which was constituted by the MHA to probe the various complaints received against the project. The Report reveals lot of deficiency, irregularities and corruption in the port project agreement. In this juncture we urge the Central government to order for a C.B.I. enquiry in this regard.

5)    The village panchayat leaders of Puducherry are struggling for a long period demanding finance, office employees, application for welfare schemes and dilution of powers to the panchayats. We condemn the attitude of the Puducherry government which is totally neglecting the demands of the village panchayats. We urge the Puducherry government to consider their demands and proper implementation of the Panchayat Raj Act.

6)     In the selection process of post of TTGT, the Director of School Education Mr. Sundaravadivel and other officials indulged in mark scandal and corruption. In this regard we complained to the authorities with the bulk of evidence, but the government not yet took any action against the corrupt official is condemnable. We urge the Puducherry government to order for a C.B.I. inquiry.

7)    The petitions sent to the office of the Lt. Governor are not properly enquired and they were merely endorsed and sent to the authorities on whom the complaint was made for comments is a wrong precedent.  We request the Lt. Governor who is having the uppermost power to take stringent action against the erring officials to develop a corruption free administration in Puducherry.

8)    Federation for People’s Rights First State Conference will be held at Puducherry on January 2011 and Former Judges, Human and Social Rights activists will be invited for the conference.

9)    To run a newsletter in the name “Kural (Voice)” to take up the activities and issues taken by Federation for People’s Rights to the people.

10)    We thank the newspapers and visual media for extending the support for the activities of Federation for People’s Rights.

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