Book Release: “Beyond Violence and Non-Violence” by Dr.K.Balagopal

The Peoples Union for Human Rights (PUHR) and Federation for People’s Rights (FPR) released a book ” Beyond Violence and Non-Violence” written by Dr. K. Balagopal, on 30.10.2009 at Book Point,  Chennai, in the Condolence Meeting. Professor A. Marx compiled and translated the book.

Dr. K. Balagopal’s interview and his article published in Economic and Political Weekly regarding Violence and Non-Violence are translated and published in Tamil.

“Pulam” designed and produced the book. Pages 48 and price Rs. 18/-

The views on Violence of Dr. K. Balagopal, an activist who created deep path way on Human Rights is covered in this book. Human Rights Activists should follow the way of Non-Violence. In the book Dr. K. Balagopal presses the  way of Non-Violence and also his deep view on Violence. The view of Dr. K. Balagopal is now in debate all over the India.

To get the book contact:


332/216, Triplicane High Road,

Triplicane, Chennai – 600 005.

Mobile: 97898 64555.


Federation for People’s rights (FPR)

179-A, Upstairs, Mahatma Gandhi Road,

Puducherry – 605 001.

Mobile: 98940 54640.


Peoples Union for Human Rights (PUHR)

3/5, First Cross Street, Sasthri Nagar,

Adayar, chennai – 600 020.

Mobile: 94441 20582.


  1. Please ask all the members of PUHR to join “K.Balagopal” group on facebook and exchange views, events of human rights violations etc.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I like to buy 10 (ten) copies of the book ”Beyond Violence and Non-Violence” written by Dr. K. Balagopal.

    Prabhas Choudhuri
    Hyderour, Maheshmati,
    P.O. & Dt. Malda, West Bengal,

  3. Dear Sir,
    In continuation with my earlier submission I like to inform you that I like to buy that book only if written in English,
    Prabhas Choudhuri

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