News: Federation condemns arrests

The Federation for People’s Rights—Puducherry has condemned the arrest of the leaders of the Tamil Maanavar Peravai and the Tamil Ilaignar Peravai who organised the Martyrs’ Day meeting in support of the Sri Lankan Tamils here on Saturday.

In a statement here, G.Sugumaran, federation secretary, stated that 10 leaders of those organisations, including Prabha Kalvimani, Balaguru and Nagaimugan, were arrested on the charges of delivering alleged inflammatory and seditious speeches against the sovereignty of the country and lodged in the Cuddalore Central Prison.

He also noted that the meeting was organised after obtaining permission from the Madras High Court and yet the police who barged into the venue in strength removed all the posters and hoardings put up there and brought the session to an abrupt end.


Meanwhile, Balaguru and Nagaimugan, who were indisposed, were getting treatment in the Cuddalore Headquarters Government Hospital. Another person had been admitted to the Cuddalore Central Prison hospital.

The remaining seven persons have been shunning food in the jail ever since their detention, the sources said.

The Hindu / 25.01.2011

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