News: Admn urged to take policy decision on reservation for Muslims

The Most Backward Class Reservation Protection Committee here today urged the Puducherry Administration to take a policy decision on the reservation for Muslims and convey it to the Backward Class (BC) Commission for necessary action.

In a memorandum submitted to Lt Governor Iqbal Singh, the committee pointed out that as the Muslims of Puducherry come under the BC category, the reservation should be made from the BC quota only.

Pointing out that Chief Minister V Vaithilingam in his Budget speech had announced that 2.5 per cent reservation would be given to the Muslims, deriving 1.5 per cent from Most Backward Class (MBC) quota and one per cent from BC quota as per the recommendations of the BC Commission, the Committee said it was gross injustice meted out to the MBC people.

Though the Committee welcomed the decision of the Government to provide reservation to BC Muslims, it said it should be done by legal means and on the basis of social justice.

The committee also urged the Government to resend the BC Commission’s report recommending reservation for BC Muslims and to reconsider it’s decision. It also urged the Lt Governor to instruct the Government to take steps to insist the BC Commission to hear the representatives of MBC and obtain their opinion before taking decision to impelement reservation for BC Muslims.

UNI / 17.08.2009.

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