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Take action against the persons responsible for demolition of Babri Masjid!

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December 6th: The Puducherry District unit of TMMK organised a Demonstration at 10 am,opposite to Swedesi Mill, demanding to take action against the persons responsible for the demolition of Babri Masjid.

The demo was presided over by TMMK Head Quarters Spokesmen Pudumadam Aneez and Puducherry District Vice-President Habees Mohammad Buhari delivered the welcome address. In the presence of District President M.A.Asraf (a) Rahamattoulla and  District Secretary Y.Pallulla, Manithaneya Makkal Katchi District Secretary I. Mohammad Saleem, Village Panchayat Presidents Co-ordinating Federation Vice-President G.A.Jaganathan, Singaravelar Munnettra Kazhagam President G.C. Chandran, Christian Federation President Samy Arokiasamy delivered the speech.

Federation for People’s Rights (Makkal Urimai Koottamaippu) Secretary G.Sugumaran delivered the key note address. TMMK Puducherry District Treasurer J.Kaja Kamal presented the vote of thanks.

The demands raised in the demonstration are:

1. The Supreme Court should deliver its judgment in the appeal petition filed challenging the Allahabad High Court verdict on Babri Masjid land case without any delay.

2. The Government should take steps to speedup the Babri Masjid demolition case pending before the Raebareli Court at U.P.

3. The Central Government should take action against the 68 persons, who were accused for demolition of Babri Masjid in the Justice Liberhan Commission report.


Demand for High Level Enquiry on the accusations against the CJI’s

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Smt Pratibha Patil,
The Hon’ble President of India,
Union of India,
New Delhi.

Subject: Demand for a High level enquiry in Shanti Bhushan accusations.

Respected Madam,

As we have all come to know through various media, Sri Shanti Bhushan, the ex Law Minister in the Union Cabinet and one of the most prominent lawyers of the country, is said to have submitted a list of corrupt chief justices (CJI) of the Supreme Court before one of the court’s benches. Here he has supposedly given a list of 16 Chief Justices in a sealed cover and has said that eight CJIs were ‘definitely corrupt’ and six were ‘definitely honest’ while definite opinion cannot be made against other two.

This is the greatest accusation made against judiciary so far. It becomes all the more important because it has been made by an eminent lawyer who had himself been a Law minister of this country. More importantly those accused are none but the ex Chief Justices of India.

This has now been followed by further producing of evidence by Sri Shanti Bhushan’s son and himself a leading lawyer, Sri Prashant Bhushan in the Supreme Court. Nothing could have been more damaging to the Indian Judiciary. And frightening also because such accusations if true are of truly dangerous connotations.

In the light of the above we feel that it would neither be feasible nor appropriate for the Supreme Court to singularly look into the matter because firstly it would be difficult for the Supreme Court Judges to enquire into the conduct of so many of their own senior members of Supreme Court and secondly there would always be possibility of the feeling of brotherhood cropping up. Equally important are the need for adherence to the Principles of Natural Justice that say:

1. nemo iudex in causa sua: “no man is permitted to be judge in his own cause” and

2. audi alteram partem: “Proceedings should be conducted so they are fair to all the parties”

What these two principles lead to is the third one which is highly important inall such cases of great sensitivity”: ‘Justice should not only be done, it should also be seen to be done.’

Here everyone feels that a proper, independent and truthful enquiry into the allegations made by Sri Shanti Bhushan and his son Sri Prashant Bhushan is possible only when form an enquiry committe consisting of the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, a senior Union Minister, the Leader of opposition and two eminent and universally respected social activists like Sri Anna Hazare and Ms Medha Patekar is formed to enquire into the matter. Again there shall be a specific time frame of a period of six months for this enquiry to get completed. This is very important because if the matter is ignored it will have a permanent negative impact over the image of judiciary all over the country and the loss will be irreparable.

We, on behalf of the Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry request this matter to be given the highest priority and immediate action to be taken at your end. Any attempt to put the matter under carpet will be dangerous. If what Sri Shanti Bhushan has said proves to be wrong, let him be given the harshest punishment under the Contempt of Courts Act. But let the matter be taken up immediately so as to take it to its logical end, because this is a crisis situation not only for Indian Judiciary but also for the entire National faith because Judiciary is the pillar on which all our hopes and expectations finally lie and if that itself is shaken, then what is left for us to look at?

With Regards,

Yours truly,


Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry.

Dated 05.11.2010.

Copy to:

1. Sri Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, Govt of India, New Delhi.

2. Smt Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson, United Progressive Alliance, New Delhi.

Please sign the petition and also ask your friends to so, to save the Judiciary.

Sign an Open Letter to the CJI in Support of Prashant Bhushan

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Hon’ble Chief Justice of India,

Supreme Court,
Tilak Marg,
New Delhi -1,
Fax: +91 11 233 83792,
Email: supremecourt@nic.in

September 21, 2010

Ref: Reforms necessary to secure proper judicial accountability – Statement in support of Prashant Bhushan.

Dear Mr. Chief Justice,

We, the undersigned, are citizens concerned for Mr. Prashant Bhushan and all those who have been exposing concrete cases of corruption in the higher judiciary of India. We intend to decry the attempts to gag the critical voices under the garb of contempt laws.

The fact that there is considerable corruption in the judiciary has been an open secret in this country for some time now. Unfortunately things have reached this pass because of the lack of any institutional mechanism to deal with complaints against judges of the higher judiciary, and the tendency of the judiciary to sweep cases of corruption under the carpet. This has been done on the mistaken notion that public exposure of corruption would damage the reputation and image of the judiciary and erode public confidence in it. The power of contempt of Court has often been used or threatened to be used to stifle the exposure of corruption (as in the Mid day case) or even outspoken criticism of the judiciary (as in Arundhati Roy’s case), or even a frank expression of opinion about the extent of corruption in the judiciary (as in the current case against Prashant Bhushan and Tehelka). All this has allowed the problem to fester and grow to alarming proportions.

We strongly believe that the time has come to put in place an independent Constitutional body which can examine complaints against judges and take action against judges committing misconduct. This must be independent of the executive as well as the judiciary and must function transparently. The time has also come to amend the antiquated and colonial law of Contempt of Court, which allows the courts to punish people for what they call ‘scandalizing the court’, or ‘lowering the authority of the court’. There is no reason for the court to be armed with such draconian powers which are supposedly for protecting the ‘dignity of the court’. The dignity and reputation of the courts depend on the actions and behaviour of their judges and cannot be affected by the allegations of disgruntled litigants. This law is merely serving to prevent exposure of corruption in the judiciary and to prevent a frank discussion of the nature and extent of the problem, which is the essential prerequisite for any reform.

We therefore call upon the Judiciary to immediately initiate wide public consultations for the reforms necessary to secure proper judicial accountability and urgently put in place the statutory and Constitutional amendments required for the purpose.


Click to Sign an Open Letter to the CJI in Support of Prashant Bhushan

Puducherry Students boycotted the classes and rallied to LG office and submitted 11 demands to Lt. Governor!

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The School and College Students of Puducherry around four thousand boycotted the classes and rallied towards the Lt. Governor’s office and submitted a Memorandum to the Lt. Governor of Puducherry on 14/07/2010 demanding to implement 11 vital demands of students issue:

We are submitting this representation for your Excellency’s kind attention and for suitable action to protect the interest of the students’ community of Puducherry.

1)    On 05.07.2010 in the Immaculate Higher Secondary School at Nellithoppe, a girl student studying 10th standard was severely beaten up by the Head Mistress of the School. The student fell unconscious and admitted in the Government Hospital and treated. The parents have lodged a complaint in the Orleanpet Police Station but till date no action was taken by the Police. We request your authority to take steps to file FIR against the Head Mistress responsible for this heartless attitude towards the students and also to remove the Head Mistress from the service by initiating departmental action. We urge your authority to instruct the Puducherry Government to strictly follow the guidelines sent on 09.08.2009 to all State and UT Governments by the National Child Rights Protection Commission banning the corporal punishments in Schools and Colleges.

2)    The administration of the St. Joseph Cluny Higher Secondary School at Lawspet ‘compulsorily’ collecting Rs. 6,000 to 10,000 from all the students as building fund and also getting around Rs. 1 Lakh as capitation fee from the parents for the admission of L.K.G. This compulsory collection is totally illegal and amounts to penal punishment under the prevailing Law. We request your authority to initiate action against the school administration and also to take action to refund the illegally collected fund to the parents.

3)    The student’s admission to various professional colleges through CENTAC is delayed reason best known to everybody. We request your authority to take steps to finalise the CENTAC list and admission by fixing the counseling date at the earliest.

4)    The Priest University at Tanjore is running an off campus Engineering College at Abishegapakkam in Puducherry without any valid recognition from UGC and AICTE. The off campus study centers are not permitted as per the UGC norms and other provisions of Law. The University administration is going on admitting the students without bothering the future of the students. We request your authority to take action against the Priest University and also prevent the administration from admitting the students.

5)    We request your authority to take steps to run the Government Medical College in full-fledged manner immediately by getting recognition from the Medical Council of India and also to start the MBBS and other related courses in this academic year itself.

6)    The Government failed to place order for the text books for the school students from Tamilnadu in time. The school students are very much affected due to this.  We request your authority to take steps to get and supply the text books to the school students.

7)    The Government had issued a G.O. that the students who have continuously studied in Puducherry for 3 years will only be eligible to apply for the CENTAC. We request your authority to withdraw the said G.O. to protect the interests of the Puducherry students.

8) The private schools in Puducherry are collecting enormous fees from the parents for admitting the students without any norms and forms. The Tamilnadu Government enacted an Act to regularize the fee structure (Tamil Nadu Schools (Regulation of Collection of Fee) Act). We request your authority to instruct the Puducherry Government to bring an Act immediately to regularize the fees structure following its counterpart.

9)    The Private Medical Colleges are cheating the Government in allotting the MBBS seats every year. We are sorry to state that the Government almost surrendering to the administration of the Private Medical Colleges. We request your authority to intervene and take necessary steps to get 50 percent MBBS seats this year as Government quota and also in PG courses.

10)    The Bar Council of India had cancelled the recognition for the Government Law College due to various reasons including lack of facilities. The first year admission was also barred due to this decision of the Bar Council. The students of Puducherry are very much affected by this. We urge your authority to instruct the Government to take steps to get back the recognition of Bar Council of India and resume the first year admission.

11)     The U.G.C. recognition of the Kasthuribai Government Women’s Arts College in Villianur is in peril due unavailability of adequate buildings for the college. We request your authority to take action to allot fund and construct the building for the college to retain the U.G.C. recognition. It is worth to note here that the poor students in and around the Villianur area are studying in this college.

We, the organization concerned in the student’s welfare and students of various schools and colleges kindly place these demands before your Excellency for immediate attention and necessary action.


1) G. Sugumaran, Federtion for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry.

2) C. S. Saminathan, Convener, Puducherry Students’ Federation.

3) S. Sathiamurthy, President, All India Students’ Federation (AISF).

4) V. R. Elumalai, Secretary, Students Wing, AIADMK.

5) P. Saravanan, General Secretary, Puducherry Makkal Vizhipunarchi Iyakkam.

6) M. Narayanasamy, President, Parents, Teachers and Students Association.

7) Veera. Mohan, Treasurer, Periyar Drividar Kazhagam.

8) K. Ayyanar, Tagore Arts College, Puducherry.

9) A. Madan, Government Law College, Puducherry.

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