CBI Probe Sought on Theft Jewels Grabbing by Puducherry Police

Memorandum sent to Home Minister of India on behalf of Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry, on 20.06.2012. 

Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry, is an organisation fighting for cause of Human, Civil and Social Rights since 1989. We submit this memorandum in public interest and to evolve moral among the Puducherry Police, which instead of protecting Law and Order acts literally against the Law.

The Puducherry Police have arrested the theft accused persons Balakrishnan, Thillai Rajan and Lakshmanan of Chidambaram in Tamilnadu and Jana and Dinesh of Vanarapet in Puducherry in the mentioned cases (Cr. Nos. 65/2011, 115/2011 of Mudaliarpet P.S., 68/2011 of D. Nagar P.S., 75/2011 and 92/2011 of C.I.D. Wing and other related F.I.R.s.) and kept them in illegal custody for more than one month and recovered the theft properties worth crores of rupees. According to the Media reports the top Police officials including the then S.S.P. (L&O), S.P. (South), few S.I. of Police and S.T.F. South Team grabbed the gold jewels up to 900 sovereigns and lakhs of rupees seized from the said accused persons. The Police seized 1000 sovereigns of gold jewels and showed on record only less than 100 sovereign of gold jewels and unspecified amount and some articles. The said theft accused while they were brought for remand extension shouted towards the public in the Puducherry Court campus about the Police involvement in the grabbing of theft jewels seized from them. It was also reported in the Media. The Police left free one Baskaran who also a theft offender reason best known to everybody.

The Police records contradict the Police officers version and the seizure memo itself stands as sole evidence for the whole episode. It is also the high time to protect the records which may be tampered or destroyed by the Police.

At that time the I.G.P. Mr. Sharma has ordered for a C.I.D. enquiry and the C.I.D. Police not even enquired the Police on whom the allegations were made and closed the enquiry favouring the guilty Police personals. As per the Media report, the I.G.P. was also offered due share to settle the issue amicably.

The D.I.G. Mr. Sukla has told the Media day before yesterday that he will also enquire the involvement of the Police officers in the grabbing of gold jewel. We point out that it’s difficult to enquire the officers of a higher cadre by a lower cadre officer, since they were in the same Department. The allegation was raised against the whole hierarchy of Puducherry Police. The theft crime also involves the territory of both Puducherry and Tamilnadu.  There are chances to wind up the said enquiry at any stage due to the expected pressure from various quarters as happened in the past. So, we categorically view that it is fit to hand over the enquiry to an independent agency.

The Media continuously covering the issue and almost the image of the Puducherry Police is tarnished among the public. No one in the Police side have clarified or denied the allegations till date. It is the responsibility of the Government to enlighten the truth among the public to infuse confidence on Police.

Since, the allegations are very serious, we request your good office to take steps to file a F.I.R. against the guilty Police personals including the delinquent Police officers involved in the crime and entrust the same to the C.B.I. at the earliest.

We emphasize that it is also the wishes of Puducherry people and expecting your good office’s speedy action in this regard to restore the discipline and lawful practice in the vital Police force, which maintains the Law and order.

The Memorandum also sent to Home Secretary , Joint Secretary (UT of Puducherry) of Ministery of Home Affairs,  Lt. Governor and Chief Secretary of Puducherry. 

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