News: Interim report on Ayodhya submitted

A two-member fact finding team which visited Ayodhya urged the centre to appoint interlocutors consisting of intellectuals, human rights activists, historians and legal experts to negotiate for a settlement in the Babri Masjid-Ram temple issue.

Releasing an interim report on their field visit to Ayodhya here, A. Marx, organiser, People’s Union for Human Rights (PUHR) said that the interlocutors should hold talks with all parties involved in the dispute.

Mr Marx suggested that the demolished Babri Masjid should be re-established at the same place, while the Ram temple could be constructed replacing the Ram Chaburta. He noted that the Sunni Waqf board had also made a similar proposal earlier.

K. Sugumaran, secretary of Federation of People’s Rights, Puducherry said that they were planning to circulate the complete findings to all the political parties to initiate a debate on the important issue very shortly. He appealed to the secular democratic and left parties to create public opinion against the religious fanatics.

Mr Marx said that the centre should fulfill its promise of rebuilding the mosque. “Former Prime Minister Narashima Rao had promised to rebuild the mosque at the same place, but the promise was not fulfilled,” he said adding that even the secular parties like Congress and the Left parties were not raking up the issue of rebuilding the mosque. He also appealed to the secular and the democratic forces to isolate those who were openly threatening to incite communal violence if the court verdicts came against their wishes.

Deccan Chronicle/03.11.2010

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