NCHRO Statement on the arrest of four people from Kerala by UP Government

Oct 09, 2020

NCHRO condemns the way in which the journalists, student representatives and elected representatives of people were manhandled, ill treated and arrested under the draconian UAPA in UP. Last week we found the leaders of the main opposition parties who went to meet the relatives of the gang rape and murder victim in Hatharas were insulted and manhandled in this way. Now a journalist Siddique Kappaan, Secretary, Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ), Atiqur Rahman, National Treasurer of Campus Front of India (CFI), Masud Khan, Delhi Secretary of CFI and the driver of the vehicle in which they were travelling are arrested and slapped with the draconian UAPA. Arresting student representatives, journalists who went there to show solidarity with the family members of the victim in Hathras and to gather first hand information about this cruel incident are now widely condemned by activists all over the world. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned the arrest of the journalist Siddique Kappan.

Almost all the opposition parties in UP such as the Samajvadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party had condemned the Adityanath administration for having failed in maintaining law and order in the state. We all know that about 22 people were killed in UP during the peaceful struggle against the implementation of CAA in this year.

NCHRO demands that the charges on all the four people from Kerala should be withdrawn and all the four should be released immediately and unconditionally. WE condemn the Adityanath government for treating elected leaders, journalists and student representatives in this way. We also demand that a time bound judicial enquiry by a sitting judge on the gang rape and murder of the 19 year old dalit girl in Hathras (UP).

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