NCHRO condemns the arrest of Prof. Hani Babu

NCHRO condemns the arrest of Prof. Hani Babu MT and demands the withdrawal of the false case against him

New Delhi, 29 July 2020

NIA has arrested yesterday (July 28, 2020) Prof Hani Babu MT of Delhi University in the Bhima Koregaon Riots Case. He is charged as promoting “Naxal activities and Maoist ideology” under various provisions of the draconian UAPA. NIA also says that Prof Hani Babu is arrested for being in contact with the banned CPI (Maoist) party and spreading its ideology and thereby encouraging “unlawful activities”.

Five days back Prof Hani Babu was summoned as witness in the above case and was compelled to come to Mumbai for enquiry after denying the request of Prof Babu that the enquiry could be conducted in a video conference. The NIA has compelled the professor to give false evidence against the other accused in Bhima Koregaon case and to accept that he is a functionary of the banned Maoist party. He has  consistently refused to cooperate with the NIA on both these requests. The irritated NIA then charged Prof Babu himself as an accused in this case and formally arrested him and is now asking for custodial enquiry for some more days.

It is now very clear that the NIA has no credible evidence to prove their cases against the intellectuals and activists under judicial custody and now they are now trying to manufacture some  evidence against them. Under the cover of Covid -19 lock down more and more activists and innocents are incarcerated. The real culprits behind the Bhima Koregaon violence and the recent Delhi riots are walking free and continue their divisive political activities with increased vigour while scholars, writers and students are put in jails for being true to their conscience.

Dr.Hani Babu is an English Professor and an eminent scholar. He participated in NCHRO’s National Conference last year in Delhi and gave a highly valuable lecture on nationalism based on the theory of Benedict Anderson. NCHRO strongly condemns his arrest and demands that the false case against him should be withdrawn immediately. The Confederation demands that all the activists and intellectuals arrested under the infamous Bhima Koreagon case should be released on bail. Bail should be granted to ailing activists Dr.Sai Baba, poet Varavara Rao and Advocate Sudha Bharadwaj. NCHRO also calls up on  all the right thinking people to raise their voice against the arrests of these intellectuals and activists and demand their immediate release.

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