Appointment of Lt. Governor’s Daughter-in-Law as Convener is misuse of Power: Request to reconstitute the ‘Lalit Kala Academi’ in Puducherry!

Memorandum sent to His Excellency President of India, on 12.05.2014 regarding formation of Lait Kala Academi in Puducherry:

On behalf of Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puduchery, we are submitting this Memorandum for your kind consideration and necessary action.

We came to know through newspapers about the formation of a Committee for the ‘Lalit Kala Academi’ in Puducherry and the names of the Member of the Committee.

In this regard, we would like to express our views and demands. On 07.05.2014, we had met the Director, Art and Culture, Government of Puducherry to get more information in this regard. But we were shocked to hear from him that he has no official role in the formation or recommendation of the Members for the panel. We came to know that most of the Members of the panel do not belong to Puducherry or in the field of Art, which is the fundamental requirement as for we the people are concerned. The Government of Puducherry has not had any role in formation of this Committee.

At this juncture, we would like to bring to your attention that an organization by name ‘Lalit Kala and Sangeeth Nadak Academi’ was formed in Puducherry  in the year 1999 and Mr. Hariharan, the then Principal of Bharathiar Palkalai Koodam was made as the Officer on Special Duty of the institution. But till date from the day of the formation of the Academy, we the public do not know what were the contribution of the above organisation and any other facts and figures.

In the formation of the present Committee a very important and prominent role has been given to a person namely Ms. Meera Kataria, who is the daughter-in-law of the Lt. Governor, who is the Chief Executive of Puducherry. This has been done in total violation of the dignity of the office of the Lt. Governor and against the oath of office which is to act without ‘Fear or Favour.’ This Abuse of Power by the Lt. Governor is unconstitutional.

In the light of the above we demand the following:

(i) Immediately withdraw the Notification of the formation of the Committee of ‘Lalit Kala Academi’ in Puducherry.

(ii) Come out with the clear draft of the Aims and Objectives of the Organisation with clear Rules and Regulations and Financial implications and make it available to the public through physical and electronic means. After getting sufficient feedback and making necessary correction, the above could be finalized before starting the process of the formation of the Academi.

(iii) The Academi could call for applications through the Government of Puducherry from interested persons and process the same in a most transparent manner.

(iv) The Members should be willing to do voluntary service for carrying on the said objectives without expecting any remuneration or monitory benefits and only in honorary capacity.

Art and Culture are very important ingredient of mankind which would enable the Society to live in “PEACE and HARMONY” leading to its overall development and especially in a large democracy like ours, these organisations have the very important role of democratising Art which would take it to each and every human being of the territory in operation. Hence, due importance should be given to this organisation right from its formation. The receipt of this Memorandum may kindly be acknowledged and the action taken there upon may be communicated to us as and when it happens.

The copy of the Memorandum was also sent to The Home Secretary, Joint Secretary (UT), MHA, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Chairperson, Secretary of Lait Kala Academi, Lt. Governor of Puducherry, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Secretary (Art and Culture) and Director (Art and Culture), Puducherry.

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