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Release TVK leader Velmurugan: FPR

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The Federation for People’s Rights (FPR) on Wednesday urged the Tamil Nadu government to withdraw the cases registered against Tamizhaga Vazhvurumai Katchi (TVK) president Velmurugan and release him forthwith.

In a statement on Wednesday, FPR secretary G Sugumaran said that the Tamil Nadu police opened fire on those who fought against sterlite factory, killing 13 including two women and injuring over 100. Mr Velmurugan, who went to Thoothukudi to console the affected, was arrested at the Thoothukudi airport on May 25. Later, he was charged in the Ulundurpet toll booth attack and lodged in the Puzhal prison.

Mr Velmurugan observed a fast in the prison and called off the stir on intervention from MDMK founder Vaiko. He is now being treated at the Stanley Medical College as both his kidneys are damaged.

Condemning the Tamil Nadu police atrocities, Mr Sugumaran demanded that he should be released forthwith.

UNI / 30.05.2018

Request to accommodate and extend all support to the Ashram Sisters and Father in Aurobindo Ashram!

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Today (27.01.2015), the activists of various Political Parties and Social Movements working in Puducherry  G. Sugumaran, Secretary, Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Ira. Azhagiri, President, Thamizhar Desiya Iyakkam, G.A. Jegannathan, President, Makkal Vaazhurimai Iyakkam, C.S. Swaminathan. Founder, Puducherry U.T. Students Federation, G. Azhagar, Secretary, Thamizhar Kalam, N.S.K. Abdul Samad, District Secretary, Manithaneya Makkal Katchi (MMK), M.A. Asraf, Convener, Thamizha Makkal Jananayaga Katchi (TMJK), A. Pavadairayan, President, Puratchiyalar Ambedkar Thondar Padai submitted a Memotrandum to Lt. Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Revenue Secretary and Collector.

On 17.12.2014 after the Puducherry Police executed the Supreme Court Order dated 09.12.2014, evicting the five Prasad sisters from Ambabhikshu House of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the sisters along with their parents decided to sacrifice their lives and committed suicide and two sisters and their mother dead. However sisters Jayashree, Nivedita and Hemlata have survived the traumatic ordeal along with their aged father.

It is with great regret that we wish to point out that the Supreme Court Order dated 09.12.2014 was only directing the All Women Police Station, Puducherry, to evict the sisters from their Ashram residence at Ambabhikshu House. The said impugned Order or any other Order did not take away the inmateship of the sisters nor did empower the trustees to prevent or stop any other facilities like food, clothing, medical, meditation, sports, laundry, etc. as enjoyed by every inmate of the Ashram. However the Trustees of Ashram have once again taken law into their own hands and are continuing to deny the sisters and their father all the other basics required for their survival, even to the extent of stopping them from praying at the Samadhi at the Main Building of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

It is interesting to note that at the Supreme Court case in W.P. No.695/2014 the Trustees have made statements saying that due to the loss of their three daughters (Arunashri, Rajyashri and Shanti Devi, their mother) the Ashram is in a mess. The Ashram Trustees seem to have forgotten that it is because of them that today the Prasad family is facing such traumatic predicament, which needs to be urgently rectified by them without any hesitation and delay.

Therefore, we request to intervene and direct the Trustees of Ashram to restore each and every facility as enjoyed by all the inmates of Ashram, even shelter/ accommodation at Ashram, for all the surviving members of the Prasad family urgently. Also we request to provide suitable relief amount for one of the sister who is raped in a very pathetic condition and the Honourable Chief Minister has assured in this regard during our meeting on 05.01.2015. The Supreme Court of India has ordered Rs. 5 Lakh for rape victims in many cases. So, we draw your kind attention that the present rape victim sister’s case should be decided positively considering the said facts.

The curious case of the Tamil Nadu police preventing ex-Maoists’ return to electoral path!

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We, the undersigned, wish to bring to the public’s notice a curious case of doublespeak by the state. The central and state governments constantly advise Maoists to give up arms and join the mainstream. But, in Tamil Nadu, the government in collusion with the police is torturing a group of ex-Maoists who have joined the mainstream. These comrades have given up armed struggle and have come out to function in the open under a party named People’s Democratic Republic Party (PDRP). They have also accepted the electoral path to pursue their mass line. It is clear from their case that the intention of the state is not to mainstream the armed fighters but to incapacitate anyone who dares to criticize the state’s policies, without any compromise.


Earlier, many PDRP members were part of CPI (Maoist). Some of them were arrested and imprisoned under POTA in 2002, on charges of undergoing arms training in Uthangarai, Tamil Nadu. They eventually came out of the prison with women getting bail in 2005 and men in 2007. Many of the comrades who came out criticized the armed struggle line of CPI (Maoist) and stressed for a mass line. The CPI (Maoist) reacted to this by dismissing them from the party towards the end of 2007.

Some of the dismissed cadre started working under the name Puthiya Porali. Later, they started PDRP. Com. Duraisingavel (aged 52) started working as its president and his partner Ragini (aged 44) worked as the leader of the women’s wing. They started a political magazine named Puthiya Porali, which was circulated widely. So far, 3 issues have been released. It’s available even online. They have stressed on returning to the mass line in their pamphlets too. They have also taken part in public meetings.

Here are some examples of their participation in open forums/meetings. Com. Duraisingavel took part in the book release function of Prof. A. Marx’s Tamil book named Arabu Puratchi. He spoke on the occasion along with other speakers, including professors from the Madras University. He also spoke on the review meeting of Mao’s compilations, organized by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), in Chennai on May 5, 2013. He stressed the need for a mass line even in his TV interview to Puthiya Thalaimurai, a Tamil news channel, which aired a programme related to the Chhattisgarh killings by Maoists few weeks ago.

However, the events that happened at Kundrathur, a suburb of Chennai, in October 2012, show how the Tamil Nadu police and the clandestine organization Q branch, can’t deal with or welcome these changes among the PDRP comrades. On that fateful day, the PDRP members, along with their supporters and some educationists, were discussing their participation in elections in a meeting organized in a school. The police surrounded them suddenly, arrested and imprisoned them. Till this day, the police have maintained a stoic silence about why they arrested people who were discussing about returning to electoral politics! Com.Duraisingavel and Ragini were among those arrested.

Another important fact

Com.Duraisingavel and Com.Ragini started their life together after he got his bail in 2007. However, the peace was not to last too long because the Tamil Nadu police continued to harass them. The police claimed to search for a woman named Bharathi, who wasn’t arrested at Uthangarai in 2002; she was however charge-sheeted. Police didn’t even know whether Bharathi was male or female. They continued to torture the couple by claiming that Ragini was Bharathi. Due to continuous harassment (the Q branch visited their house every day), Ragini sought the High Court’s help.

Com.Ragini’s appeal (CrL. OP No.9141 of 2012 dated 16.04.2012) was heard by Justice Nagamuthu. The public prosecutor and the police responded that Ragini wasn’t required for arrest or for enquiry as of now. Then, the court ordered that if the police wanted to enquire Com. Ragini, they should follow proper criminal law procedure. It also cautioned them against harassing her under the hood of enquiry.

What happened now?

We were shocked to read reports of the couple’s arrest on 14.06.2013 from the Kadambathur railway station in the Dharmapuri district, where they were ‘caught’ distributing pamphlets. On enquiry, the actual sequence of events is as follows:

1. The couple were arrested in their house at Kundrathur, Chennai on 13.06.2013 at 11 PM, when they were having dinner. Com.Ragini tried to call a comrade as soon as some men barged into their house and dragged them out violently. The comrade who received the call realized that they were trouble because she couldn’t speak properly, and the call was cut abruptly. He informed other comrades, who also tried calling both their mobile numbers. But nobody could reach them. When they enquired the neighbours the next day morning, it was confirmed that the couple was dragged out of the house violently. When the comrades entered the house, they saw half-eaten food, which confirmed that there had been quite a scuffle.

2. The next day afternoon, High Court advocate, Sengodi contacted Mr.Sampath, the Commissioner of Q branch and asked him. He replied that they have taken the couple to Dharmapuri for enquiry. Therefore, the police version of arresting them in Dharmapuri is an outright lie.

3. The police have continuously harassed Com.Ragini and forced her to accept that she is Bharathi. This is brazenly against the prior mentioned court order. She is being harassed even in the prison on this issue. It has been exposed that the Tamil Nadu police is intent on arresting her under POTA in the Uthangarai case. Now, it has charged the couple under sections of CrPC 353, 124, 17(1) CLA.

One more important fact

Another oft-repeated blatant lie of the police is that the couple has missed attending the court proceedings. Actually, there are two cases pending on Com.Duraisingavel. One is the 2002 POTA case and the other is the 2012 Kundrathur case. The latter is yet to come for hearing, and Com.Duraisingavel has appeared without fail for each hearing of the POTA case. He appeared even on June 3, 2013 for the same case in the Poonamallee court, Chennai. Com. Ragini has only the Kundrathur case pending, and that’s yet to come for hearing. Hence, it’s an utter lie that the couple doesn’t appear for the court proceedings.

Our questions and demands

1. J.Jayalalitha, the Chief minister of Tamil Nadu, always says that she has wiped out the Naxalbari movement from the state. Everyone knows that PDRP comrades turned to mass line, including elections after being dismissed from CPI (Maoist), owing to their criticisms. So, how does one account for the harassment meted out to these comrades? Is it a message to those who belong to such organizations that they won’t be allowed to enter the mainstream even if they give up armed struggle?

2. Naxal Special wing, which has no work but to harass, and the Q branch, an organ above law, which was formed as an intelligence wing and later endowed with policing authority, should be abolished.

3. The sedition act, called as 124-A, was originally enacted by the British to harass freedom fighters during the Raj. It’s completely against citizen rights (Section 19) granted by our constitution. Our constitution grants rights to support or oppose the policies of the government. Moreover, it has granted unconditional rights to anyone to propagate his ideas, to build movements based on them and to collect funds for the organization. Hence, we strongly condemn applying 124-A, which is opposed to the above-mentioned rights, to harass various activists, from Binayak Sen to Com. Duraisingavael and Com. Ragini. The Tamil Nadu government should immediately stop harassing activists by this law. This anti-constitutional law should be scrapped.

4. The couple, who were functioning openly, was arrested in midnight in their home in Kundrathur, Chennai. They were violently dragged out of the house without even giving them an opportunity to inform their relatives or friends. The next day afternoon, a higher official of the Q branch tells their lawyer that they have been taken to Dharmapuri. Yet, a false case has been registered against them. Actually, they have been violently kidnapped. No procedures mentioned by the Supreme court in T.K.Basu case has been followed in this arrest. Hence, we demand the government to suspend the concerned police men, start an enquiry and punish them appropriately for committing such violations and spreading such lies.

5. The public prosecutor has admitted in the High Court that Com. Ragini is not Bharathi. The court has also ordered that Com. Ragini must be duly summoned if there’s a need for an enquiry. But, what we see now is that she has been violently kidnapped and threatened to accept that she is Bharathi. The police is trying to implicate her in the 2002 POTA case through these desperate measures. This is a clear case for contempt of court. A contempt of court case should be filed against the concerned police men and the police should abstain from harassing and trying to convict Com. Ragini under POTA.

6. Two people who were functioning openly have been arrested secretly. This kind of harassment meted out to those who have turned to electoral politics after giving up armed struggle goes completely against the government’s assurances or policies. Com.Duraisingavel and Com.Ragingi should not only be released immediately, they should also be duly compensated for the harassment they have faced.


Prof. A. Marx, People’s Union for Human Rights (PUHR),
G. Sugumaran, Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry,
Dr. P. Sivakumar and Prof. M. Thirumavalavan, Ex-Principals of Government colleges,
V. Srinivasan, Environmentalist
Advocate Manoharan, People’s Lawyers Association
Advocate Sengodi
Advocate K. Natarajan
Advocate Rajini (Madurai)

(Translated from the press note released on 20.06.2013, in Press Club at Chennai)

Fact Finding Committee Report on Narath Arrests in Kerala

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Fact Finding Report released in Kannur Press Club in Kerala on 17.05.2013 at 12.30 PM:

Following the news reports about the arrest of 21 Muslim youths under UAPA in Narath (Kannur dt.) by the Kerala police, a team of National Confederation of Human Rights (NCHRO) visited the place yesterday and today, met the relatives of the arrested, people living in the neighbourhood of the place of arrest and police officers with a view to collect the facts regarding. The team members are: NCHRO National Secretary Reny Ayline (Trivandram), Executive Members Prof. A.Marx (Chennai), G.Sugumaran (Puducherry), Kerala state committee member Advocate M.Abdul Shukoor (Malappuram), Writer and Activist K.M.Venugopal (Kannur) and Journalist Mohammed Shabir (Mangalore).

All the youths arrested are sympathisers of Popular Front of India (PFI), a registered movement. They are conducting a programme every year known as “Healthy People, Healthy Nation” in which they impart physical exercises, yoga, some martial arts as well as religious and moral education to young people. This year also they were conducting the programme in a building owned by one Thanal Trust which is also a registered body under charitable trust act. This building is situated in a densely populated area in Narath behind the Falah English Medium High School. It is a half built building without proper doors for the windows and everything that happens within the four walls of the building are visible to everybody outside. All the youths who took part in the programme were coming from the neighbourhood villages and they used to return to their homes in the nights.

According to the eye witnesses of the arrest which includes Mrs P.M.Saleem, Mrs. Abdul Jaffar, M.Abdullah, K.P.Mussam Kutty, all neighbours living around that building, a team of four police men first entered the building on April 23 around 12.30 pm. The people around thought that it might be a regular visit of the police who used to come there often in search of sand mafia who are very active in that area. But soon a large battalion of police came there and took all the people in the building with them.

The police version of the story goes like this. As per the FIR filed by them (Mayyil P.S. FIR No 276/13), these people were given instructions on bomb making and training in the use of arms. They were able to seize two country bombs, one sword, and some materials and instruments necessary to make the bombs. Accordingly cases were filed under sections 143, 147, 153(B), R/W 149 IPC, Sec 5(1)(a) r/w 25(1)(a) of Arms Act, Sec 4 & of ES Act and Sec 18 of UAPA) against all the 21 Muslim youths and remanded to custody.
But not only the parents and relatives of the accused but also the neighbours mentioned above told us that no such armed training took place there, all the physical exercises and classes were very peaceful. One of the neighbours M.Abdullah said that he used to send his wife for the religious classes conducted there. The only Hindu living near the building one Suthish s/o Raghavan also said the same. He also denied that any bomb making arms trainings were imparted to them. The Jamath member Mussam Kutty and the principal of Falah English Medium School Mr.P.Mustafa also said that the programmes were very peaceful and no such arms training were given to the inmates.

We also met the President of the Narath Grama Panchayat Mr.K.V.Mamy and a ward member Abdul Salam Haji. The former is a member of CPM and the later that of IUML. They also said that no such arms and bomb making trainings are possible in their panchayat limit. Nothing of that sort happened they said. The president also attended a training programme conducted by the Thanal trust few weeks back known as ‘Happy Family’ in which Dr Ashraff, a psychiatrist took classes for women. THanal trust also use to distribute school kits to poor children and conduct ‘School Chalo’ programmes to school drop outs. The President also said that there prevailed a political enmity between PFI and IUML because the front was responsible for the defeat of the IUML candidate in the last Panchayat election.

We visited the houses of at least four accused persons and met their near and dear. They all said that all the accused were brought from the Thanal trust building on April 23 to the police station on a promise that they will be sent back after an enquiry. Only in the evening they came to know through the media that so many serious cases are foisted against them. No such arms and bombs were seized either in the building at the time of arrest or in their houses during searches. Some of their statements:

C.P.Musa, Former Teacher, Kottancherry : “My son Fahad (27) is a B.Com graduate. He owns a Travel Agency. He is also a franchise holder of Western Union Money Transfer and people living in foreign countries use to send money to their relatives for building houses through him. As a teacher I can say that he is a very good student, he is very pious, use to pray 5 times a day, fast two times a week. He is a sympathiser of PFI. The police searched my house and also my son’s travel agency. They found nothing incriminatory. They took only a copy of the Holy Quran and a marriage cd from my son’s office. We came to know his arrest through the media.”

A.P.Umar, Muzhappillangadi : “My son Rickas (22) is studiying M.B.A. He is not a member of any organisation. I came to know his arrest only through the media. Some political opponents must have given false information to the police. Police came to my house but found nothing.”

C.P.Mustafa, Auto Driver, Muzhappillangadi : “My son Jamsheed (20) is a student of civil engineering. Two days back I met him in the prison. He said that one investigating officer told him that if he accepted the charge, they would give him 2 lakh rupees in cash and a new house”

M.Sanfaras, Manager in a private company in Bangalore : “My brother Rshid (22) is a +2 student. Our father is no more. They raided my house and found nothing. My brother had no connection with any organisation. My mother and other family members came to know about his arrest only through the media.
Mr. Kalyattu Surendhiran,the station officer of the Mayyil police station denied the allegations of the relatives of the accused. He said that it was true that arms and bomb making trainings were given to the accused. When we asked him that how such clandestine activities are possible in such a crowded place and that too in a open building without window doors he was not able to give a proper reply. When we asked him about what sort of bombs were seized from them, he said that they were giving training to make “something like bombs” and two of which were ceased by them. When we asked about other incriminating materials seized he showed a register in which it was stated that a cd about ‘love jihad’ and a pamphlet on the role of Sangh Parivar in blast cases were ceased. The pamphlet ‘Spoadana Bheekatrathayil Sangaparivarathinte Paghu’ was written by one Jalarudin Vazhakkad and published by Jamathe Islami. Earlier it was published as a serial in the magazine ‘Praboadhanam’. When we pointed out that these are not banned documents and are available freely in the market, he replied, “may be”.

We also met the Dy.S.P. P.Sugumaran and Inspector P.Balakrishnan in the former’s office they told that UAPA is evoked on them not for the bombs seized there, but the mind set of certain Muslims are such that these laws are to be used against them. “Kerala is a beautiful country and there is no majority / minority problem here. There is no problem with the Christian minority, however Muslim minority are not like that” said the Dy.S.P. “We have arrested them not only for bomb making. We have seized there 172 in-discriminating documents which necessitated the application of UAPA” said the Inspector. But that list of 172 ‘incriminating’ documents contain only items like Indian currencies, ID cards, paper cuttings..etc. The Dy.S.P also said that he had received a complaint from the local mosque committee that the activities in that building are to be watched. But when we met a Jamath member he denied that any clandestine activities took place in that building which we have already quoted.

Our Observations :

1. The Supreme Court directions given in D.K.Basu case were not followed in these arrests. The police has lied to the court that the parents were informed about the arrests by phone where as they came to know about it only through the media.

2. It was not at all possible that any training on the use of arms and bomb making can be imparted to the youths in such a crowded and open place and that too in a building without doors for the windows. Such physical and moral training classes are conducted by PFI in the same place at least for the past three years and no complaints were received by the police about any clandestine activities. When the police visited there once they didn’t find anything. All the neighbours living around the building also deny such allegations. We also wonder what sort of arms training could have been given to at least 21 people with a single sword and a few wooden sticks. It is ridiculous to say that some freely available pamphlets and compact discs are shown as incriminating materials. Since nobody had seen the police ceasing “something like bombs” in the building we strongly believe that the bomb story is hoaxed by the police to justify their action and malign the movement.

3. We are much worried about the way in which rumours are spread against the arrested youths by the intelligence through the media. Some sixty lakh rupees found in the account of one accused is focused as large illegal foreign money is involved in this act. Actually he is involved in a travel business and holds a consultancy for admission in self-financing engineering and medical colleges. He receives money from migrant labours in foreign countries to build houses through a friend of him. The police were not able to find anything illegal in that account. Few days back one newspaper has published that the Narath accused are involved in Coimbatore serial bomb blast case. All the accused are young people and most of them were school going children when Coimbatore incident took place and some of them have not even born at that time. A Kish identity card seized from one of the accused is also projected as related to some anti-national activities. But having a Kish ID is a normal thing used as an intermediary pass to move to UAE for those who have no permanent visa to that country.

4. Except one all other 20 young men arrested were not at all involved in any other pending cases.

5. It is very sad that Kerala police has foisted such false cases against these innocent youths at a time when there is a widespread concern is expressed throughout the nation on the arrest of innocent Muslim youths. Most of them had been kept in prison for so many years and then released as they are innocents. Not only their prime youthful years were lost in prison but because of the stigma attached to them because of this arrest, they are not even able to get good jobs and a decent livelihood. Recently the Supreme Court also has condemned this. The press council chairperson Justice Markanteya Katju had expressed concern about spreading such false propaganda against innocent Muslim youths in the media. He has also proposed an institution known as ‘The Court of Last Resort’ to extend help and save such innocent youths languishing in Indian Prisons. It is no one’s position that those who plant bombs should go unpunished. As the editor of Tehelka magazine Shoma Chaudhri has written, “do not make false arrests and breed fresh despair, triggering new cycles of hate and revenge. In the clever calculations men make about security and State, they underestimate the power of human despair. When you lose faith that a system will play fair by you, it can breed fatal recklessness. It can make you abdicate from the rules that cement human relations. Despair can turn you from citizen to perpetrator. From the hunted to the hunter. Despair can be a deadly weapon”. Even parties like CPM have now raised this issue. Recently the CPM leader Prakash Karat took a list of 22 Muslims to President Pranab Mukherjee and demanded the Centre take immediate steps to help such victims of “State-led injustice”. The demands included fast-track courts; rehabilitation and compensation for those falsely jailed; and a review of the UAPA Act.

Our Demands

1. We strongly believe that all the allegations against these youths are false and the fake case foisted against these innocent youths should be immediately withdrawn and those arrested should be unconditionally released. Special care should be taken to allow the students to write their examinations.

2. We cannot find any logic to evoke a draconian act like UAPA in this case. Since nationwide concern is expressed against this act we demand that UAPA should be repealed immediately.

3. The case against these 21 youths was deliberately foisted with a view to harass them and spoil the name of PFI. By spreading rumours against these innocent youths an anti-national stigma is attached to them which will spoil their future. It is alleged that during interrogation, the police had chosen the poorest among them and offered two lakh rupees and a new house in exchange for accepting the charges and becoming an approver. We demand a judicial enquiry in this arrest by a sitting High Court judge. The police officers responsible for foisting this case should be punished and the innocent youthsshould be given compensation.

4. Kerala is the state with highest literacy rate and the political, civil rights and trade union consciousness among the people are larger when compared to other states. We humbly issue a call to the political parties, writers and other intelligentsia to condemn the indiscriminate use of draconian laws as UAPA against innocent youths.

5. From our conversation with the higher police officials we understand that they are biased against the Muslim minority in the state. We demand that sensitisation programmes should be conducted to revenue and police personnel on problems faced by minorities, dalits and adivasis. Also sufficient number of officials from minority communities are to be posted in areas in which they are largely populated.

Scrap Regional Reservation by enacting an Act and getting assent of President of India

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Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry, Secretary, G. Sugumaran sent a memorandum  on 03.07.2012 to the Lt. Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and Secretary (Higher Education) of Puducherry:  

The Regional Reservation was brought into force by the Government of Puducherry on 10.8.2006, by which reservation have been made to the tune of 18%, 4% and 3% to students of Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam regions, in all the professional courses like Medical and Engineering in all the institutes of higher education under the Government. Subsequently on 21.5.2010 another G.O has been issued reserving the rest of the 75% seats to the students of Puducherry region.

All the political parties and the social organizations have raised their concern against this regional reservation and raised fears that it would lead to social disharmony by creating a division amongst the people of Puducherry State. They also feared that this unconstitutional practice would be against the Supreme Court Judgment pronounced following Mandal Commission recommendations in Indira Sahany’s Case.

A case has been filed by Federation of Puducherry Parents – Students Affected by Regionwise Reservation vide Writ Petition No. 13130 of 2010 against the regional reservation. The First bench comprising of Justices Mr. M.Y. Iqbal and Mr. T.S. Sivagnanam has dismissed the 75% reservation made to Puducherry region and upheld the Regional Reservation made to other regions on 6.8.2010. The SLP filed in the Supreme Court has also been dismissed at the admission stage itself.

Under these circumstances, all the political parties and the social organizations have seriously engaged in protesting against the Regional Reservation, as it affects the interest of the students of Puducherry. The Government of Puducherry would be liable for contempt if any attempt has been made to withdraw the regional reservation.

Hence, it would be appropriate and acceptable to all concerned, if a High Level Committee have been constituted, comprising of MLAs, academicians and social activists who possess thorough knowledge on this issue, to review the Regional Reservation and submit its recommendations based on the feedback of the people’s representatives.

Based on the recommendations of this committee, suitable legislation shall be passed by the legislature either for eliminating the Regional Reservation and make suitable modification and implement the Act with the assent of the Lt. Governor and the President of India, since Puducherry is a union territory.

As the counseling of Medical and Engineering courses are scheduled to commence by 9.7.2012, the Lt. Governor and the Chief Minister of Puducherry shall take steps on war footings and shall ensure for the protection of the rights of students of Puducherry region.

On behalf of FPR, we earnestly request to take steps to withdraw the Regional Reservation by enacting suitable legislations and implement the same by getting the assent of the President of India.

CBI Probe Sought on Theft Jewels Grabbing by Puducherry Police

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Memorandum sent to Home Minister of India on behalf of Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry, on 20.06.2012. 

Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry, is an organisation fighting for cause of Human, Civil and Social Rights since 1989. We submit this memorandum in public interest and to evolve moral among the Puducherry Police, which instead of protecting Law and Order acts literally against the Law.

The Puducherry Police have arrested the theft accused persons Balakrishnan, Thillai Rajan and Lakshmanan of Chidambaram in Tamilnadu and Jana and Dinesh of Vanarapet in Puducherry in the mentioned cases (Cr. Nos. 65/2011, 115/2011 of Mudaliarpet P.S., 68/2011 of D. Nagar P.S., 75/2011 and 92/2011 of C.I.D. Wing and other related F.I.R.s.) and kept them in illegal custody for more than one month and recovered the theft properties worth crores of rupees. According to the Media reports the top Police officials including the then S.S.P. (L&O), S.P. (South), few S.I. of Police and S.T.F. South Team grabbed the gold jewels up to 900 sovereigns and lakhs of rupees seized from the said accused persons. The Police seized 1000 sovereigns of gold jewels and showed on record only less than 100 sovereign of gold jewels and unspecified amount and some articles. The said theft accused while they were brought for remand extension shouted towards the public in the Puducherry Court campus about the Police involvement in the grabbing of theft jewels seized from them. It was also reported in the Media. The Police left free one Baskaran who also a theft offender reason best known to everybody.

The Police records contradict the Police officers version and the seizure memo itself stands as sole evidence for the whole episode. It is also the high time to protect the records which may be tampered or destroyed by the Police.

At that time the I.G.P. Mr. Sharma has ordered for a C.I.D. enquiry and the C.I.D. Police not even enquired the Police on whom the allegations were made and closed the enquiry favouring the guilty Police personals. As per the Media report, the I.G.P. was also offered due share to settle the issue amicably.

The D.I.G. Mr. Sukla has told the Media day before yesterday that he will also enquire the involvement of the Police officers in the grabbing of gold jewel. We point out that it’s difficult to enquire the officers of a higher cadre by a lower cadre officer, since they were in the same Department. The allegation was raised against the whole hierarchy of Puducherry Police. The theft crime also involves the territory of both Puducherry and Tamilnadu.  There are chances to wind up the said enquiry at any stage due to the expected pressure from various quarters as happened in the past. So, we categorically view that it is fit to hand over the enquiry to an independent agency.

The Media continuously covering the issue and almost the image of the Puducherry Police is tarnished among the public. No one in the Police side have clarified or denied the allegations till date. It is the responsibility of the Government to enlighten the truth among the public to infuse confidence on Police.

Since, the allegations are very serious, we request your good office to take steps to file a F.I.R. against the guilty Police personals including the delinquent Police officers involved in the crime and entrust the same to the C.B.I. at the earliest.

We emphasize that it is also the wishes of Puducherry people and expecting your good office’s speedy action in this regard to restore the discipline and lawful practice in the vital Police force, which maintains the Law and order.

The Memorandum also sent to Home Secretary , Joint Secretary (UT of Puducherry) of Ministery of Home Affairs,  Lt. Governor and Chief Secretary of Puducherry. 

Federation supports the Struggle opposing Koodankulam Nuclear Plant

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Federation for People’s Rights, Secretary, G. Sugumaran issued a Press Release on 21.10.2011:

Federation for People’s Rights express its solidarity to the people’s struggle at Idinthakarai village against the Koodankulam Nuclear Plant.

The Central Government is constructing a Nuclear Plant in Koodankulam at Tirunelveli District, which is aided by the Russian Government. The Scientists and Social Activists are categorically saying that the Nuclear Plant is dangerous and if it starts its work, the rays will create a great hazardous to the people.

The people of Koodankulam and surrounding village are opposing the Nuclear plant and struggling continuously and they started the third phase of indefinite fast from 18th October 2011.

Meanwhile, the Central Government has constituted a 15 member expert panel to study the issue and submit a report to the Government. The Struggle Committee rejected the expert committee stating that there was no representation on their side.

In this situation, Federation for People’s Rights Secretary G. Sugumaran, People’s Union for Human Rights (PUHR), Tamilnadu Chapter, President Prof. A. Marx, Madurai Advocate Rajini and K. Palanisamy are visiting the Idinthakarai village tomorrow (22.10.2011) to express their solidarity to the struggle. The Team will interact with people and submit a brief report to the center, conveying the aspiration the struggling people.


Enquire war crimes committed in Sri Lanka based on UN Report

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Federation for People’s Rights (FPR) Secretary, G. Sugumaran issued a  Press Release on 18.05.2011:

In the back drop of the United Nations report on the Sri Lankan war crimes, we on behalf of Federation for People’s Rights, Puducherry urge the international community to pressurize the Sri Lankan government to order for an enquiry in this regard.

The UN sent a three member high level committee to Sri Lanka to enquire about the human rights violations committed during the war between the government and LTTE. The said team visited Sri Lanka, enquired and submitted the 214 pages report to UN on 31st March 2011. Considering the report, UN released the report officially on 26th April 2011.

This report created shock waves not only among the Tamils around the world, but also among the people concerned on human rights.  The report leveled 5 charges against the Sri Lankan government and 6 charges against the struggled movement.
The report says that the Sri Lankan government indulged in human rights violations by floating his promise that it will carry the humanitarian rescue operation with a policy of zero civilian casualties. The government explicitly violated the international humanitarian and human rights law.

The report further says that in the war between September 2008 and 19 May 2009, about 3 lakh and 30 thousand civilians trapped in the war zone and 40 thousand civilians were killed in the war.

The report reveals that the panel found credible allegations that comprise five core categories of potential serious violations committed by the government of Sri Lanka: (i) killing of civilians through widespread shelling; (ii) shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects; (iii) denial of humanitarian assistance; (iv) human rights violations suffered by victim and survivors of the conflict, including both IDPs and suspected LTTE cadre; and (v) human rights violations outside the conflict zone, including against the media and other critics of the government.

The UN report recommended to the Sri Lanka government to immediately commence genuine investigations into the alleged violations of international humanitarian and human rights law committed by both sides involved in the armed conflict. To facilitate the recovery and returns of human remains to their families and allow for performance of cultural rites for the dead, to release all displaced persons and facilitate their return to their former homes or provide for resettlement according to their wishes, continue to provide interim relief to assist the return of all survivors to normal life, to investigate and disclose the fate and location of persons reported to have been forcibly disappeared are some of the other key recommendations found in the report.

The Sri Lankan government simply threw the report into the dust bin without implementing any one of the recommendations of the United Nations. This attitude of the Sri Lankan government is painful to the Tamils in and around the world and the people concern on human rights should condemn this.

We, urge the Sri Lankan government to immediately order for an enquiry on the war crimes which was committed by the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and also request the international community to pressurize this demand.

Following Delhi HC Judgment, Upload all the FIRs in Puducherry Police Website!

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Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Secretary, G.Sugumaran issued a Press Release on 15.12.2010:

The Federation for People’s Rights demands the government of Puducherry to observe the recent Delhi High Court Judgment and should upload on Police website all the FIRs filed within twenty-four hours of lodging of the FIR from 1st February 2011 onwards.

In this regard, today (15.12.2010), we sent the following representation to the Chief Secretary, Law Secretary and the Director General of Police enclosing the Judgment copy:

We would like to draw your kind attention on the above referred Judgment pronounced by the Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Dipak Misra and Honourable Justice Mr. Manmohan of Delhi High Court, in W.P. (Crl.) No. 468 of 2010 on 06.12.2010.

The Directions of the Judgment (relevant operating portion) is reproduced here for your kind consideration:

(A) An accused is entitled to get a copy of the First Information Report at an earlier stage than as prescribed under Section 207 of the Cr.P.C.

(B) An accused who has reasons to suspect that he has been roped in a criminal case and his name may be finding place in a First Information Report can submit an application through his representative / agent / parokar for grant of a certified copy before the concerned police officer or to the Superintendent of Police on payment of such fee which is payable for obtaining such a copy from the court. On such application being made, the copy shall be supplied within twenty-four hours.

(D) The copies of the FIR, unless reasons recorded regard being had to the nature of the offence that the same is sensitive in nature, should be uploaded on the Delhi Police website within twenty-four hours of lodging of the FIR so that the accused or any person connected with the same can download the FIR and file appropriate application before the court as per law for redressal of his grievances.

(J) The directions for uploading the FIR on the website of the Delhi Police shall be given effect from 1st February, 2011.

In the light of the above Judgment, we request your authority, to take necessary steps to implement the Court Directions in Puducherry also and circulate the copy of the Judgment to the Offices under your control and all Police Stations, to uphold the rights of the accused, ultimately the HUMAN RIGHTS.

Dec 10: Human Rights day – Eradicate Corruption and work for good governance!

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Federation for People’s Rights, Puducherry, Organising Committee Meeting held at Federation office at Gandhi Road on 08.12.2010 at 6.30 pm. The meeting was presided over by the Federation Secretary G.Sugumaran and Organising Committee Members R.Rajarajan, P.Markandan, C.S.Saminathan, K.Chinnappa, A.Kalaivanan, K.Saravanan, P.Kalidass, K.Kannan, K.Balaji were attended the meeting.

The following resolutions were adopted in the meeting:

1.    In the eve of the World Human Rights day (Dec 10th), we appeal to people to take oath to eradicate and fight against corruption and work for the good governance.

2.    The government’s decision to give Rs. 1000 as rain relief for all poor and rich is a bad precedence. The government should find out the really affected people and provide them the rain relief.

3.    We condemn the cheap politics of the government by printing the portraits of the Union Minister, Chief Minister and Ministers in the application form of the rain relief.  The government should abandon this and offer the rain relief through officials without any delay.

4.    There was a wide spread news that a lot of irregularities occurred in recent selection of Deputy Tahsildar. The government should order for a C.B.I. enquiry in this regard. Also cancel the selection and initiate a fresh selection process.

5.    The Chief Secretary of the government stopped the purchase of Dhotis and Sarees for the free distribution to the people for Deepavali and prevented a multi crore rupees corruption. The government should order for a C.B.I. enquiry in this regard. The government should take steps to distribute the free Dhotis and Sarees without any delay.

6.    In the notification issued by the Police Department for the recruitment of Sub-Inspector and Constables, the existing reservation for BC, MBC, BCM, EBC, SC and ST was not followed properly. The government should intervene in to this matter and take steps for proper implementation of the communal reservation.

7.    The government invoked the National Security Act (NSA) on the cadres of political parties, organizations and the persons who indulge in criminal activities. We urge the government to withdraw the NSA against them, which is contrary to the Human Rights. If needed take action on them in the normal laws like Indian Penal Code.

8.    We demand the government to scrap the Murthikuppam Harbour Project, which will create a huge damage for the livelihood of farmers and fishermen. The already existing Thengaithittu Harbour affected the coast of Puducherry and Tamilnadu. The government should take measures to prevent the sea erosion by adopting the scientific methods without affecting the coastal people.

9.    There is lot of seats vacant in the Arts Colleges of Puducherry due to the delayed counselling conducted by CENTAC. The students applied for these colleges are not allotted seats and so their one year education was affected. The government should take action to allot the vacant seats for the students applied.

10.    The government is not providing the financial aid for the Para Medical students as per the G.O. issued under the Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Financial Assistance Scheme. We press the government to provide the financial assistance for the Para Medical students without delay following the G.O.