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News: CBI probe sought into Dy Tahsildar recruitment

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The Federation of People’s Rights has sought a CBI probe into the alleged irregularities in the recruitment of deputy tahsildars as well as the purchase of free sarees and dhotis.

In a statement G Sugumaran, secretary of the Federation, stated that resolution to this effect had been adopted by the Federation.

Further he said that there was widespread news that a lot of irregularities had occurred in the recent selection of deputy tahsildars. The government should cancel the selection and initiate a fresh selection process, he said.

The chief secretary of the government stopped the purchase of dhotis and sarees intended for the free distribution scheme for Deepavali, thus preventing high scale corruption. The government should now take steps to distribute the free dhotis and sarees without delay.

In the notification issued by the police department for the recruitment of sub-inspector and constables, the existing reservation for BC, MBC, BCM, EBC, SC and ST was not followed properly.

The government should intervene in the matter and take steps for proper implementation of the communal reservation.

The New Indian Express / 12.12.2010

News: Rights forum urges withdrawal of action under NSA

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Puducherry, Dec 9 : The Federation for People’s Rights (FPR) today urged the administration to withdraw the action initiated against some political party volunteers under the National Security Act(NSA) as it was vioalation of human rights and to take action under IPC if necessary.

A resolution to this effect was adopted at a meeting of the Federation here, It’s secretary G Sugumaran said in a press release here.

Taking exception to the provision of Rs.1000 to all towards rain relief, the meeting, in a resolution, urged the government to identify the really affected people and provide relief.

Resolutions urging a CBI probe into the irregularities in the examination for the selection of deputy tasildars, condemning the government for printing application forms for rain releif with the photographs of Lt. Governor Iqbal Singh, Chief Minister V Vithilingam and his cabinet colleagues, among others, were adopted in the meeting.

UNI /  09.12.2010

Dec 10: Human Rights day – Eradicate Corruption and work for good governance!

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Federation for People’s Rights, Puducherry, Organising Committee Meeting held at Federation office at Gandhi Road on 08.12.2010 at 6.30 pm. The meeting was presided over by the Federation Secretary G.Sugumaran and Organising Committee Members R.Rajarajan, P.Markandan, C.S.Saminathan, K.Chinnappa, A.Kalaivanan, K.Saravanan, P.Kalidass, K.Kannan, K.Balaji were attended the meeting.

The following resolutions were adopted in the meeting:

1.    In the eve of the World Human Rights day (Dec 10th), we appeal to people to take oath to eradicate and fight against corruption and work for the good governance.

2.    The government’s decision to give Rs. 1000 as rain relief for all poor and rich is a bad precedence. The government should find out the really affected people and provide them the rain relief.

3.    We condemn the cheap politics of the government by printing the portraits of the Union Minister, Chief Minister and Ministers in the application form of the rain relief.  The government should abandon this and offer the rain relief through officials without any delay.

4.    There was a wide spread news that a lot of irregularities occurred in recent selection of Deputy Tahsildar. The government should order for a C.B.I. enquiry in this regard. Also cancel the selection and initiate a fresh selection process.

5.    The Chief Secretary of the government stopped the purchase of Dhotis and Sarees for the free distribution to the people for Deepavali and prevented a multi crore rupees corruption. The government should order for a C.B.I. enquiry in this regard. The government should take steps to distribute the free Dhotis and Sarees without any delay.

6.    In the notification issued by the Police Department for the recruitment of Sub-Inspector and Constables, the existing reservation for BC, MBC, BCM, EBC, SC and ST was not followed properly. The government should intervene in to this matter and take steps for proper implementation of the communal reservation.

7.    The government invoked the National Security Act (NSA) on the cadres of political parties, organizations and the persons who indulge in criminal activities. We urge the government to withdraw the NSA against them, which is contrary to the Human Rights. If needed take action on them in the normal laws like Indian Penal Code.

8.    We demand the government to scrap the Murthikuppam Harbour Project, which will create a huge damage for the livelihood of farmers and fishermen. The already existing Thengaithittu Harbour affected the coast of Puducherry and Tamilnadu. The government should take measures to prevent the sea erosion by adopting the scientific methods without affecting the coastal people.

9.    There is lot of seats vacant in the Arts Colleges of Puducherry due to the delayed counselling conducted by CENTAC. The students applied for these colleges are not allotted seats and so their one year education was affected. The government should take action to allot the vacant seats for the students applied.

10.    The government is not providing the financial aid for the Para Medical students as per the G.O. issued under the Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Financial Assistance Scheme. We press the government to provide the financial assistance for the Para Medical students without delay following the G.O.

Demand for High Level Enquiry on the accusations against the CJI’s

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Smt Pratibha Patil,
The Hon’ble President of India,
Union of India,
New Delhi.

Subject: Demand for a High level enquiry in Shanti Bhushan accusations.

Respected Madam,

As we have all come to know through various media, Sri Shanti Bhushan, the ex Law Minister in the Union Cabinet and one of the most prominent lawyers of the country, is said to have submitted a list of corrupt chief justices (CJI) of the Supreme Court before one of the court’s benches. Here he has supposedly given a list of 16 Chief Justices in a sealed cover and has said that eight CJIs were ‘definitely corrupt’ and six were ‘definitely honest’ while definite opinion cannot be made against other two.

This is the greatest accusation made against judiciary so far. It becomes all the more important because it has been made by an eminent lawyer who had himself been a Law minister of this country. More importantly those accused are none but the ex Chief Justices of India.

This has now been followed by further producing of evidence by Sri Shanti Bhushan’s son and himself a leading lawyer, Sri Prashant Bhushan in the Supreme Court. Nothing could have been more damaging to the Indian Judiciary. And frightening also because such accusations if true are of truly dangerous connotations.

In the light of the above we feel that it would neither be feasible nor appropriate for the Supreme Court to singularly look into the matter because firstly it would be difficult for the Supreme Court Judges to enquire into the conduct of so many of their own senior members of Supreme Court and secondly there would always be possibility of the feeling of brotherhood cropping up. Equally important are the need for adherence to the Principles of Natural Justice that say:

1. nemo iudex in causa sua: “no man is permitted to be judge in his own cause” and

2. audi alteram partem: “Proceedings should be conducted so they are fair to all the parties”

What these two principles lead to is the third one which is highly important inall such cases of great sensitivity”: ‘Justice should not only be done, it should also be seen to be done.’

Here everyone feels that a proper, independent and truthful enquiry into the allegations made by Sri Shanti Bhushan and his son Sri Prashant Bhushan is possible only when form an enquiry committe consisting of the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, a senior Union Minister, the Leader of opposition and two eminent and universally respected social activists like Sri Anna Hazare and Ms Medha Patekar is formed to enquire into the matter. Again there shall be a specific time frame of a period of six months for this enquiry to get completed. This is very important because if the matter is ignored it will have a permanent negative impact over the image of judiciary all over the country and the loss will be irreparable.

We, on behalf of the Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry request this matter to be given the highest priority and immediate action to be taken at your end. Any attempt to put the matter under carpet will be dangerous. If what Sri Shanti Bhushan has said proves to be wrong, let him be given the harshest punishment under the Contempt of Courts Act. But let the matter be taken up immediately so as to take it to its logical end, because this is a crisis situation not only for Indian Judiciary but also for the entire National faith because Judiciary is the pillar on which all our hopes and expectations finally lie and if that itself is shaken, then what is left for us to look at?

With Regards,

Yours truly,


Federation for People’s Rights (FPR), Puducherry.

Dated 05.11.2010.

Copy to:

1. Sri Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, Govt of India, New Delhi.

2. Smt Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson, United Progressive Alliance, New Delhi.

Please sign the petition and also ask your friends to so, to save the Judiciary.